Human Anatomy is a basic science subject that is important in general practice, diagnostic radiology, emergency medicine and surgery. Hence special care is taken towards training students in the applied aspects of anatomy. Learning is made easier as well as interesting by the use of a latest 3D anatomy software.

Aim of the department is to instill excellent knowledge of anatomy relevant to the dental students. To achieve that, all branches of anatomy are taught using various teaching modalities including the latest 3D anatomy software installed in the lecture hall. Then gross anatomy knowledge is enriched by the demonstration of dissected specimens in the dissection hall. Histology is reinforced by the demonstration of slides during practical classes.

Embryology is emphasized by the use of models, charts, normal embryos & embryos with congenital anomalies that are mounted in museum jars. Bones are provided to the students for learning and revising osteology. Thus at the end of the year the students gain indepth knowledge of various branches of anatomy specially related to head & neck and their relevance to clinical practice. The knowledge of genetics that they acquire helps them to recognize different chromosomal anomalies/syndrome they might come across in their day to day practice.
Anatomy faculties also deliver guest lectures to physiotherapy & nursing students of Sri Ramakrishna institute of paramedical sciences.

Department Vision

To equip the students with excellent knowledge of head and neck anatomy & basic regional anatomy


    Dissection Hall
  • Has 15 dissection tables, dissected specimens and cadaver
  • Besides the lectures gross anatomy is taught through demonstration of dissected specimens, models, charts and bones
    Histology Laboratory
  • Has 50 microscopes
  • Microscopic structure of various tissues and organs is taught by lectures and demonstration of histology slides during practical sessions
  • Has mounted gross specimens, embryology specimens, models, individual skull bones, cervical vertebrae and skeletons
    Departmental Library
  • Has over 120 text books for reference

Audiovisual aid

Apart from the regular black board & chalk teaching, power point presentations, our department is equipped with a special 3D anatomy software which enables the students to visualize the 3 dimensional appearance of various parts of human body. This software also helps the students to understand layer by layer arrangement of the structures starting from the skin (most superficial) to the bone & joints (deepest structures)