Primary goal of this department is to enhance the smile and facial esthetics of the patients. The department deals with the treatment of dental caries which is the most common disease of the oral cavity. We diagnose and treat the diseased teeth with current technologies and procedures to restore tooth to full function and appearance without compromising on the general health and welfare of the patient.

We treat the tooth that comes to us in pain; we perform and preserve what remains in unhealthy teeth to near normalcy by root canal procedures.We also do emergency dental trauma management. Sometimes the scope of conventional root canal treatment extends to surgical interventions to preserve the tooth.The academic atmosphere involves a rare blend of modern day technical skills and the traditional emphasis on imparting knowledge. We are trying to evolve by blending the current treatment protocols to the best of our ability.


The department has fully equipped, two separate clinical sections; one for undergraduate students with basic treatment facilities and the other for postgraduate students wherein all advanced treatments are provided. A phantom-head laboratory with simulators and complete assembly for appropriate training concerned with different treatment modalities is available for students.

The postgraduate department has all modern equipments like Digital radiography, Dental operating microscope, Endosonics, LED light curing units, various

latest obturating systems.It also has a well equipped isolated operatory for microsurgical and micro endodontic procedures. A fully installed casting and ceramic lab with all equipments for doing specialized laboratory work helps postgraduate students to deliver a comprehensive treatment to satisfy the patient needs

There are two separate sterilization rooms with autoclaves and other gadgets to follow aseptic protocols. The department library is provided with books by national and international authors for ready reference and enhancing clinical knowledge.