Goal: Is to make students understand the basics of cell injury and degenerative changes with special focus on changes in cell during inflammation and neoplasia. The students are also taught about pathology of fluid disturbances, infections, heart and blood vessels, oral lesions, haematology, salivary gland and bone tumours, Diabetes Mellitus - Hypertension and Immunity.

Students are also trained in performing basic clinical pathology investigations like urine examination for abnormal constituents and blood experiments, like Differential Count, Hb Estimation and Blood Grouping & Typing. They are also trained in indentifying gross specimen, instruments and interpreting histopathology and haematology slides. Teaching facilities include OHPs and LCDs with power point presentation with actual and virtual slides of pathological lesions. Teaching material available:20 Pathology text books, 60 actual HP slides, folders for haematological lesions and 30 gross specimens.