We introduce the students to the exciting world of Microbes

To make the students aware of various branches of microbiology importance, significance & contribution of each to mankind & other fields of medicine.

Objectives are achieved by various techniques such as lectures, demonstration,practical exercises, small group discussions & feedback.


  • Students understand the basics of branches of microbiology
  • Understand the detail account of sterilization & disinfection
  • Brief account of culture media & culture techniques
  • Sound understanding of various infectious diseases & lesion in the oral cavity.


  • Students acquire the skill to diagnose and differentiate various oral lesion
  • Able to select, collect, transport clinical specimen
  • Able to carry out proper aseptic procedures in dental clinic


  • Disciplining the students & training the students both in theory & practical classes.
  • Update the applied knowledge of applied microbiology and oral microbiology
  • Update current knowledge of newly emerging pathogens.