This speciality of dental science deals with the first step for every patient who steps into our institution, namely detailed examination, investigations if any, diagnosis and treatment planning. our students start their clinical training in our department in third and fourth year. Training includes learning the art of elucidating a proper history regarding the problem, basic diagnostic techniques pertaining to all structures in the head and neck region, managing medically compromised patients, requesting appropriate investigation which helps in arriving at a correct diagnosis and hence preparing the treatment plan.

Our students are trained in the diagnosis of management of disorders ranging from simple dental caries to soft tissue conditions and oro-facial pain precipitated due to nerve related problems or issues relating to the tempro-mandibular joint training is imparted to make radiographs (X-rays) and to interpret them. To accomplish this , we are equipped with state of the art digital intra-oral and extra-oral X-ray units with adequate training being imparted on radiation safety and protection for the patient and students . Our radiology department meets the requirements of the ATOMIC ENERGY REGULATORY BOARD.

Our students are taught the significance of the link between the oral cavity and general health. Our clinical laboratory which is equipped with state of the art auto analysis where most blood investigations are done helps our students in co-relating various aspects of general health and the oral cavity.

In our department emphasis is on looking at the body in totality and not just oral or dental problems.