The Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics Department at Sri Ramakrishna Dental College & Hospital is a well established Post-Graduate Department with state of the art, modern diagnostic tools and facilities, catering to a wide range of treatment needs.

The various treatment procedures carried out in the department are
Removable Appliances for minor corrections & Interceptive & Preventive needs
Paediatric/ Orthopedic corrections of jaws in growing individuals
Straight wire Appliance using Self ligating & Ceramic brackets
Use of Micro-implants for more efficient treatment outcome
Lingual orthodontics.

Department Vision

The primary goal of our faculty is to elicit, the talents and skills of the graduates and post graduates students, molding them as competent Doctors of International standards, bringing more laurels to the institution. Objective structured Clinical guidance, Create Interest in them to have better clarity and understanding of what they have to learn

Department Mission

The duty is to expose the graduates to a variety of Clinical conditions, not limited to Orthodontics, but also Multi-specialty cases good Clinical exposure and thorough knowledge during the learning process, enabling them to be more Confident in their approach.

Learning process, is aimed at Exposing the Candidates to, state of the art Materials and Equipments, Orthodontic Braces treatment programme (including invisible braces), implant training programmes, Growth Modulating appliances, Management of Congenital conditions like Cleft lip and palate, Orthognathic surgical and Distraction cases. The department conducts many CDE programmes and Hands on Courses for both Undergraduates and Postgraduates to make their learning process, a reality and improve their clinical skill to become a better Orthodontist.

Department Values

Ethics: Ethics of high standards are inculcated into the graduates, to uphold the nobleness of the profession, to provide good patient care

Professional Excellence: Guiding and motivating the graduates to excel in their Academic and Clinical career, aiming for National and International awards. Patient Education: Educating and motivating the patient about their problems, Helps the Doctors to give complete cure of the diseases. Patient education software along with previously treated records are also used to motivate the patients