Our department serves SNR Sons Charitable Trust through our activities in teaching, research, patient care, and professional service. We do this by preparing future and current dentists to understand and recognize


    Dissection Hall
  • Conditions that psychologically, medically or physically compromise dental patients
  • Societal, ethical and cultural values, community influences, and political systems and trends that affect dental behavior and dental practice
  • Principles of preventive dentistry as applied to individual patients, population groups, and communities
  • particular considerations with respect to preventing and treating oral disease among Geriatric patients or those with Special Needs

The department has been offering comprehensive oral care in the institution; fully functional 5 satellite centre’s, school dental clinic and regular health visits to special schools. The department also has well equipped, fully functional and state of art mobile dental unit specially designed to provide oral health care at inaccessible areas of the society ensuring rural exposure to the graduating interns.

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