Prosthodontics & Crown & Bridge & Implantology

discipline of dentistry

Prosthodontics is a branch of dentistry which deals with treating children, and adults including geriatrics with special health care needs. Any patient handled with care, during dental procedure, would develop a positive attitude towards treatment. 

Department of Prosthodontics offers undergraduate and postgraduate training for the restoration and replacement of missing teeth. The department offers care to patients who have significant damage to existing teeth, missing teeth, congenital orofacial defects and restores the dentition to form, function, and aesthetics.“DeVan’s golden statement, “Perpetual preservation of  what remains is more important than the meticulous  replacement of what is missing,” still rings true.

Course Duration
5 Years

Dental Council of India

About Department

”Dr. M. M. Devan – Should meet the mind of the patient before we meet the mouth of the patient’’. The vision of the Department is to train the students to be competent in clinical abilities including prevention and post care in prosthodontics, and research activities. In our teaching schedule we provide our students with  clinical skills, theoretical knowledge, communicative skills  and geriatric care needs of adults.
The Department provides a homely environment with a spacious waiting area and an attractive clinical space. 

The Department is equipped with an advanced implant clinic and equipments like Induction casting machine ,ceramic furnace, digital milling machine, RVG and intra oral camera and Fibre optic and LED handpieces. A well equipped pre-clinical lab for undergraduate and a phantom lab, and a separate ceramic lab for both undergraduate and postgraduate students is available. The Department library houses numerous books of national and international authors and various journals to enrich the knowledge in prosthodontic and implant dentistry . 

Teaching Methodology

Department Achievements


    • Veneers
    • Cantilever bridges
    • Post and core build up
    • Fibre and custom posts
    • Zirconia and E-max Crowns
    • Bridge and loop connector
    • Implant supported Over denture
    • Tooth supported Over denture
    • Immediate Denture
    • Flexi denture
    • Bite Raising appliance
    • Occlusal splints
    • Full mouth rehabilitation
    • Complete dentures -balanced
    • Cast partial dentures
    • Maxillo facial prosthesis
    • Smile Designing
    • NAM Therapy