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Periodontology is the science dealing with the health and diseases of the investing and supporting structures of the teeth and oral mucous membrane. It also deals with early intervention of gingival and periodontal diseases. It is a branch which exclusively deals with periodontal regeneration and gingival augmentation procedures, thereby increasing the periodontal support as well as increase in width and thickness of gingiva. 

The ultimate motto of our department is that every candidate must achieve a high degree of clinical proficiency in the subject matter and develop competence in research and its methodology as related to the field concerned.  Post Graduate students are allowed to do basic and advanced surgical procedures as well as research work under the able guidance of our experienced faculties. The objective of our PG course is to train a candidate so as to ensure higher competence in both general and special area of interest and prepare him for a career in teaching, research and specialty practice.

Course Duration
5 Years

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About Department

In our department, under graduate students are trained by exposing them to basic procedures such as case history taking, scaling, root planing and simple minor periodontal surgeries such as gingivectomy, gingivoplasty.  Our department has fully equipped electrically operated chairs along with ultrasonic scalers available separately for UG students, PG students and faculty. We have an implant clinic equipped with an electrically operated chair along with physiodispenser, implant systems with implant placement kit, RVG and compatible x-ray. We are adequately equipped with advanced diagnostic instruments and equipments needed for advanced periodontal regeneration techniques and root coverage procedures. The department has state of art soft tissue lasers and electrosurgical cautery to perform advanced surgical procedures. The students are regularly performing biochemical assays in oral fluids and surgical procedures as a part of research work. All the above said procedures are performed under stringent cleaning and sterilization protocols for equipment along with proper disinfection of operating area.

Teaching Methodology

Department Achievements




    • Scaling & Root planing
    • Periodontal Flap Surgery
    • Gingivectomy & Gingivoplasty 
    • Resective osseous Surgery
    • Regenerative Osseous Surgery with Bone Grafts
    • Mucogingival Surgery
    • LASERs
    • Electro surgery 
    • Implant therapy