Public Health Dentistry

discipline of dentistry

It is the science and art of preventing and controlling dental diseases and promoting dental health through organized community efforts. This subject gives the knowledge about the basis of public health, preventive dentistry, public health problems in India, Nutrition, Environment and their role in health, basics of dental statistics, epidemiological methods, National oral health policy with emphasis on oral health policy.

Course Duration
5 Years

Dental Council of India

About Department

Department of Public Health Dentistry has been at the center of the efforts by Sri Ramakrishna Dental College & Hospital, Coimbatore in oral healthcare to reach the unreached population. We endeavor to deliver dental treatment to the community through organized dental health camps especially in rural areas and for the dentally indigent.  The subject integrates topics like minimal invasive dentistry, evidence based research, fluorides, indices, epidemiology with special emphasis oral health delivery. We are pioneers in conducting dental outreach activities and field experiences for dental students. The department is at the forefront in enthusiastically participating in various health activities in the region. The Department of Public Health Dentistry provides oral health under the school oral health program for the schools in Coimbatore region.

The department aims to impart students;the skills of identifying health problems affecting the society, conducting health surveys, conducting health education classes and deciding health strategies. The department helps to inculcate a positive attitude towards the problems of the society.

Teaching Methodology

Department Achievements

Curricular Highlights

Mobile dental van

Comprehensive Dental Clinic

Tobacco Control & Cessation Center

Rural Health Centres

Merrymakers on the Go


    • Screening for oral diseases
    • Diet counselling
    • Atraumatic Restorative treatments
    • Pit and Fissure sealants
    • Topical Fluoride applications
    • Oral prophylaxis
    • Restorations- Amalgam, Glass ionomer restorations, Composite restorations
    • Extractions
    • Tobacco cessation counselling
    • Oral cancer screening
    • Carbon Monoxide level – monitoring






    • The Department of Public Health Dentistry regularly conducts outreach programs at the villages in Coimbatore and Tiruppur districts to provide dental care to the community.
    • Comprehensive care for camp patients
    • The oral health care facilities are provided by the Department of Public Health Dentistry 1. pachapalayam, ganapathy
    • The Department of Public Health Dentistry provides dental care facilities under the school oral health program